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Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

We started our school

for students like you.

What We Do

Many of our students have a story to tell, a story like no other, a story where life seems as if there’s no way out or moving forward. That’s when we knew that change was needed. 

Everyone needed a chance to succeed and then  Early Access Training Center was born in 1999.

Our Process

We aim to provide the freedom of having flexibility, when it comes to learning. Becoming and succeeding within your career has finally become much easier than before as your lecturer will make sure that you as a student fully understand what is being taught. 

Whenever you are ready to start your career as a PCT (Patient Care Technician) or any other class we provide, we got you. And that’s just the beginning. Many doors will open, once you try..

Meet Our Team

Our lecturers are PhD, masters prepared, bring a wealth of experience and are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.  Dr. Theresa Moxey-Adderley RN, PhD, AHI started out as a nurse’s aid in 1987. Today, she is an overly qualified registered nurse with more than 30 years of clinical and academic experience. She is instrumental in building the PCT program, here in the Bahamas after getting the idea while in charge at Memorial Regional West some 20 plus years ago. 

Early Access started out training nursing assistants and PCTs from 1999 to present.  One of those with the highest degree in nursing in The Bahamas, Dr. Adderley earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at Barry University and obtained two Master of Science degrees in Health Administration and Nursing Education from the St. Thomas and Barry Universities respectively. She earned her PhD in Nursing Research from Florida International University and currently holds a Professor rank.

Moxey-Adderley has taught at University of China, served as an adjunct member of faculty at Universities in the United States, Chair of the local school of nursing here in The Bahamas. as well as Coordinator of Nursing Education within the Doctor’s Hospital Nursing System. Her diversified clinical background in the acute care setting was developed in the United States in a large trauma and intensive patient care facility. It is here that she received over 15 years of experience in, Trauma Care, Program Development, Health and Safety Issues and more recently, nursing research.

She is the 2012-2015 past chairperson in the School of Nursing at the College of The Bahamas and the Program Coordinator at the Early Access Training Center since 1998 and focuses extensively on curriculum development and lead facilitator of numerous specialized training programs. She is passionate and enthusiastic about learning and gets fulfilment when she is imparting knowledge.

We love teaching because of students like you

First Aid


Patient Care 

What our customers are saying

I have plans on becoming a Nurse (RN) in the near future but I wanted to have an understanding of what it means to be apart of the nursing team in the Hospital. That is why I chose to become a PCT and  early Access helped me to achieve that. Thank You

Jessie 2019